San Diego Rescue Mission Second Hand Stores

Second Hand Shopping in San Diego

second hand clothesSan Diego Rescue Mission offers  gently used and second hand merchandise at three of its San Diego Thrift Store locations.  Check out our large inventory of general household items, antiques, home furnishings, small appliances, clothing, jewelry, sports equipment and more.  You’ll be sure to find great fashion picks and unique knick knacks at bargain prices. 

Why Second Hand?

By shopping at our second hand stores, you are saving money and also saving the environment by recycling and reusing items that would otherwise end up in landfills.  More importantly, your purchases help support programs sponsored by San Diego Rescue Mission which benefit needy families and individuals.  To see how your donations and thrift store purchases have helped us achieve long-term solutions to homelessness and hunger relief read here.

Some items you'll find when you visit our San Diego second hand stores

  • Second Hand Baby Clothes
  • Used Maternity Clothes
  • Used Jackets and Coats
  • Sweaters, fleeces, sweatshirts
  • T-shirts
  • Used Jeans , pants, shorts, and skirts
  • Second Hand Sports equipment
  • General household items
  • Small appliances
  • Art
  • Unusual knick-knacks

In general, you’ll find that the second hand clothing and other home furnishings offered in our thrift shops are in good condition.  That’s because we have staff filter through thousands of pounds of clothing and other items to bring to you the best articles in resalable condition. 

Money Saving Tips for Thrifting

    • Keep up to date on Thrift Store special offers.
      Join our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on Thrift Store sales and new products near you.
    • Get a Thrift Store Coupon.
      San Diego Rescue Mission offers a 10% discount coupon that you can print before you visit their shop.
    • Consider timing.
      A surge of donations usually occurs at the end of a season.  People often clean out their closet and make room for the new season. 


Happy Thrift Shopping!


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